MysticThumbs 4.0.9

MysticThumbs generates thumbnails of many image formats
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MysticThumbs is a great tool for those who have to deal with large quantities of digital photos on a daily basis. It provides a simple picture viewer called Quick View and it also allows you to view image thumbnails displayed natively in Windows Explorer for a large number of image formats. Those additional image formats are not otherwise supported by Windows' default image previewing feature. For example, you can view thumbnails of Photoshop images like PSD and PDD, SVG images, RAW photos or even game textures.

MysticThumbs is surprisingly feature-rich and powerful, also allowing you to fully customize the thumbnails and icon overlays, adjusting transparency, thumbnail borders, scaling, blending, and many more. For each file format, different settings may be applied. It even offers metadata support and allows using plugins that enable you to add your own formats to the list of the preview supported ones.

The application is also fast and lightweight. I wish I could say that it's also reliable, but it first crashed, and then it failed to correctly display the thumbnails in accordance with the applied settings. Anyway, these may have been only random problems; these unwanted occurrences didn't change my overall positive opinion about the tool. It's indeed hard to take away from its merits: MysticThumbs is a great utility that offers undeniable advantages and it's really simple to use, convenient, and handy.

Margie Smeer
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  • Simple-to-use
  • Supports many image types and formats
  • Supports plugins


  • Occasionally crashes or fails to properly display the thumbnails
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